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Meet Fletcher

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Well, I'm slightly late to the pet party, but he's too cute not to show off...

This is Fletcher, my parents' gorgeous cocker spaniel - I always wanted a dog as a kid, and they ALWAYS said no. As soon as they hit retirement and had no children in the house, boom, puppy paradise.

Special skills include nose bumps (in place of fist bumps), balancing envelopes on his head, and convincing humans to fawn over him.

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skid112Heart Star

He looks fabulous, I'll offer up two cats as a swap!

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Jo_BHFAdministrator in reply to skid112

That's a very good offer... But I'm afraid I'm completely smitten! This little guy was a nightmare as a puppy, and now he's magically turned into the dream dog. Well, after a huge amount of patience and training from my parents... :)

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Twobells in reply to Jo_BHF


Aw, he's lovely! You should set him to work in the BHF mail-room :)

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Jo_BHFAdministrator in reply to laura_dropstitch

Haha, such a good idea! Although I'm not sure balancing the post will be such helpful skillset to add to our mailroom team....

What a cutie, glad you got your wish at long last Jo. Enjoy! x🐾