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Long QT Syndrome and Life Insurance

I'm having no luck finding a Life Insurance company that will cover me. I had a cardiac arrest in 2014 and diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. I also have an ICD fitted. Every single company I have tried has come back negative. I have run out of options. Has anyone else had issues? More importantly, has anyone been accepted and who by? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately Insurance is a risk based business and if you have a serious, potentially life limiting condition at the time you apply, most will be unlikely to offer anything and if they do they might either exclude conditions or pile on the cost to make it near prohibitive. Sorry, that's not a very encouraging response. It is of no consolation, but you are far from alone. My wife has Lupus (an autoimmune disease). As a group, Lupus sufferers also struggle to find Life Insurance.

My advice is to try and find a specialist Insurance Broker to do the work for you. They will have access to more products and companies than you might.

Good luck, and let us know if you find anywhere



Hi, how is it we can beat all these complex conditions and come out the other end, then get beaten down by a little bit of insurance?!

Take a look at the money saving expert website (martin lewis) advice on travel insurance, particularly the pre existing illnesses advice. Couple of good brokers and suggested insurers. Mia travel are also good, paid £200 for 2 weeks insurance for my mum (heart failure/complex conditions), but she is 87, so no annual insurance possible. They insure specialist conditions, terminal conditions even. They also have a database with all your conditions and meds, which medics can access quickly whilst you are abroad, great with rare conditions such as yours.

Husband had a heart attack 3 months ago and another angioplasty 2 weeks ago, just about to ring them myself! Hope you get sorted, makes a difference having a holiday to look forward to!


I would agree with Steve, the mainline companies don't want to get involved in this area but there are brokers out there who will help. Its not cheap. Try Purecover and the Insurance Surgery


Thank you all so much for the advice, I have been told about visiting the website Unbiased.com. They fit financial advisors for purpose in your area. Although I am dreading the consultation fees and inevitable high prices now! Thanks again for your advice, really appreciated. Feeling pretty lonely with it all right now.


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