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Post CHD Quad by-pass "wobble" moments!

Hello to all who read this. I am Richard, 53 and coming up to my 5 year anniversary post a quad bypass. I have never been a worrier as such and one of those few people who never had many symptoms that led to this major surgery. A slight twinge out on the bike one day, which didn't go away! When the cardiac consultant looked at the screen in the angiogram theater he commented "how did you walk in here?" as i was 75% blocked. That all happened 5 years ago... they found me in time and solved the physical issue. I was back on my feet very quickly and back to work within 3 months. My question today is I think a mind over matter question - i have "wobble" moments, my best words to describe them. A strange reality will sometimes kick in and i guess a fear descends. Not to the level of depression that a few medics keep asking me about...but an unexplained feeling that takes a little nurturing to remove it. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? Thank you.

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Hello Richard,

I'm coming up to a year in to my bypass, lately every twinge seems like a full blown shall I call 999. Multiple checking of my heart rate, and any shortage of breath is fear. I am trying some relaxation techniques, deep breathing, positive mood thinking. Sometimes it works other times not, other times I go walk up nine floors thinking well if I can do this I'm good, with checking heart rate I must add.

I don't know if this is what you mean, but I'm guessing this type of feeling, whilst not entirely disappearing, will lessen over time.

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I have to say I feel this way exactly about my aortic mechanical valve. Not really depression but a nagging concern, especially when I can hear it pounding in my ears or my chest. Its probably a fear of how close we came to our own mortality that pops up and causes it?

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I think you are right


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