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Here I am again. As you will all be aware from my last posts in September and your own experiences, there is still no supply of 40mg tablets. My doctor has prescribed one 80mg tablet per day, to be broken in half with one half taken morning and the other half in the evening. Apart from the fact that this is difficult to do without them disintegrating, having broken 7 in half, I read the Patients Information Leaflet which states "The score line is not intended for breaking the tablet". So, does anyone know if breaking the tablet into two is having a detrimental affect on the effectiveness of the medication? I know I will have to contact my doctor, but am loath to do so as I don't want him to feel I am questioning his qualifications.

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Hi there - you can just pop into your local pharmacy and ask this question if you don't want to see your GP. Usually the case is that they don't want people breaking tablets in half as routine without checking with someone first. In the interim it seems you're best off doing this until the issues with shortages is over. Your pharmacist might also be able to supply you or advise you on where to get a proper tablet-halver.

Hope this helps, Chris


Most pharmacists can supply a pill splitter that will do the job nicely.


Thanks, my pharmacist does not recommend them and showed me how to split them with a knife. However, he did say that the reason companies state not to split is due to the fact that, in manufacture, the ingredients sometimes do not mix fully, so part of the import ingredient may not be in all of the tablet. I emailed the manufacturer for advice and so far they have been back to say don't split and they have referred my question about the effects of splitting to another part of their team and I am awaiting a reply. Hopefully, will get a reply early next week, then it will be back to the doctor. I can see him striking me off the panel for questioning them.


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