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Angina and daily living ❤️


Hello - so my life change has got me 66lb lighter, Marathon Walker and all because of my dodgy ticker. I can’t believe that one day I can walk miles then the other days are sofa days.

I find it very frustrating not being able to do what I want to in a day, even if it’s just going to work and walking my dogs even that can be a challenge.

So my question to you all how do you cope with angina and fatigue ❤️

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Hi Sharon, I can't really help you that much as I am quite new to unstable Angina myself but I totally sympathise as I am experiencing the same thing. Some days I have all the energy I need and another I feel totally washed out. I will be interested to hear other people's views on this subject. Well done on your weight loss you should feel very proud of yourself.


SharronD in reply to Mirador19

Thank you Joan, it’s the rollercoaster of it all that frustrates me, it’s the not knowing if the fatigue is normal, sorry to hear you are dealing with the same but it does help knowing that sadly the fatigue is all part of it. Here’s to energy days xx

young85 in reply to Mirador19

Hiya, if you don’t mind me asking, what are your symptoms of unstable angina, and how long do the symptoms normally last for?

Also do your angina pains get worse with exertion?


Hi Sharon, huge congratulations on your weight loss, that's fantastic news!

It can be tempting to try and push yourself but it's always good to listen to your body. Many people with angina have a good quality of life and continue with their normal daily activities. Your doctor or nurse will be able to advise you on your daily activity and any lifestyle changes you may need to make.

You can find out more about living with angina on our website here

We also have an information booklet free to download to help you continue living life to the full

Hope this helps Sharon!

SharronD in reply to Helen_BHF

Hello Helen - thank you it does, the reassurance of what I live with everyday is normal and I’m not alone, excepting it’s how it is and making the most of my good days 😁

Hi Sharron (and everyone) ,

Love your photos, what an achievement. I too have lost a lot of weight but am now putting it back on as my activity has dropped massively.

I am a recent sufferer of unstable angina, I have cardiac Syndrome X, diagnosed a couple of months ago. The daily pain on exertion is driving me nuts! I am so frustrated. Every time it happens I have a whirlwind of emotions. Tears, anger, disbelief, I feel bereft of my previous active life. I was a fit 47 year old and personally renovated my dream cottage for months. I moved here to be beside the beach and now I cant even walk up it!

Im just realising that exhaustion comes with this too. I can have a good day going out with a friend for lunch (she has to drive as I have been advised not to) and then Im wiped out to pay for it.

I suppose its early days for me so just getting used to it and need a good moan!! It feels brilliant to speak to people who are going through the same thing. Is there a sub forum on here or can people contact each other direct?

Have a good day everyone.


SharronD in reply to Krazykate

Hello Kate - after reading your reply I finally don't feel alone, it hard as you you don't want anyone else to go through what you are but the comfort from knowing you have found others who understand what you are going through on a daily basis. I'm in my 4th year of diagnosis, can't believe how far I have come but on a bad day it feels like no distance at all.

We can private message each other on here if you wish, just go to messages and enter username.

Have a good day

Sharron X

Wow, Sharron, congratulations on the weight loss/fitness gain! That's amazing! I can't give any advice on angina, but can sympathise with the frustration of fatigue - I experience a similar thing with heart failure. I'm really trying to exercise and eat well, improve my heart function if I can, but it's a slow and exhausting process. Your post today has really inspired me to keep going. Thanks :)

Thank you Laura, it took me to have my event to get to this, never dreamt I would love exercise, now I've got a taste of it the frustration of the fatigue is tiring in itself. All we can do is keep going however hard, your comments made day so thank you again xx

Hi Sharron, well done, you look amazing and great that you can do so many walks. I was doing ok with my angina till recently, now I have days when suddenly feel realy tired and worn out, but then it suddenly goes away as well just as quick as it has come on.Seems strange that we can walk and do lots of things and then it all changes again.

I am having some more tests and hope it is something they can sort it.

Keep smiling, all the best, Anke

SharronD in reply to anke123

Hello Anke, thanks for your reply, at least it confirms this is how living with angina is how ever frustrating, when I read your reply I thought I have a twin 😁. I have a viral infection at the moment which isn’t helping the situation. Hope they get to stabilise yours, take care, Sharron

Hi Sharon,

I'm new to this forum today. I love it already. Was diagnosed last month with angina & didn't understand why some days I feel exhausted.

The cardio team were amazing but they don't explain what to expect. I wish they could give more support.

It's so good that I don't feel on my own. On my "down" days, feel quite depressed - did wonder whether it's the medication.

Joined the gym last week & even though it's a struggle to lose weight have lost 10lbs.


Well done on your life change!

What were your symptoms of your angina and how long do they last?

Also how long do you have to exert yourself for the symptoms to start?

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