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Should I have a flu injection?


I am waiting for an aortic valve replacement operation. I haven't got a date yet, but it is likely to be in the new year. Apart from that I'm normally fit and well.

I have never had a flu jab in the past, nor have I ever had the flu, but now I'm over 65 my doctor has offered it to me.

Should I have it? Does anyone have any advice on the subject please?

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I had an AVR in 2011 and have been having a flu jab every year since. I was due to have this years jab on 23rd Sept, but because I was supposed to be having another AVR today (it was cancelled) the hospital said I couldn't have it as it was within two weeks of my op. I should add I also have never had flu, but the doc said it was better to have the jab than risk getting flu.

Just like fredders said better to be safe ... I always have the flu jab ... ♥️

Most definitely - I was told to ensure I have the jab as long as I was feeling generally well. Much better than getting flu!

I agree with all the above - I always have the flu jab, it's far safer than the alternative.

I would say Yes

Flu when your Heart isn't 100% can be really bad. I have had the jab and also my Wife has it so she doesn't catch the Flu and pass it on to me !!!

One thing I would say when waiting for a procedure, just x check GP with Cardiology sometimes the Left Hand doesn't quite know what the Right Hand is doing !!!!


Frank W aka Prada

in reply to Prada47

.....I'm with you on that one Frank!

....realisation that, as you say, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, has become such a recent reality for much so that the only thing my GP surgery practice manager appears to have endeavoured to do with the recent contradictory advice I was given, was to set out to try to prove I was lying!!

Oh, but onwards and upwards with the 'survival plan'!

Still not certain about having the flu jab though...will research.

I would (and do).

I had flu many years ago and seriously thought I was going to die. I am pretty certain my heart wouldn't cope with that now.

My biggest concern this year is that the jab we are receiving does not have protection against the Australian flu which is coming our way.

definitely have it. The last thing you need is a preventable serious infection.

I had the flu jab before a replacement valve op

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I have also spoken to the cardiac support team at my hospital and they confirmed that I should have it. She said that as I haven't got a date yet I should go ahead and be vaccinated. So I'll be off to the Drs tomorrow.

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I'm waiting for a mitral valve repair and had a flu jab yesterday. They also gave me a pneumonia jab as apparently they have reduced the age for this from 70 to 65. So now I have two sore arms!


Yes - have the flu vaccination and the pneumonia vaccination if offered. A bad dose of flu can make you so poorly, especially if you have a heart problem.

Yes Have The Flu Jab,I've had one every Year For 10 Yrs.

I am sorry, I do not go for Flu job, 72, the first Flu jab I had, I had bad Flu therefore no more Flu jab!

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