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Hi everyone,

Just joined and would like to find other people who have had myocarditis.

My story is 2 weeks ago was rushed to hospital with crushing chest pain and told it was a heart attack as my troponin level was 169. I am 48 and have had high blood pressure for a few years controlled by medication, gave up smoking 8 years ago, i am overweight and my cholesterol was 8.5 at last routine blood test. Spent a week in hospital having ecgs, echo's, angiogram to fit stent which wasn't needed as all my arteries were fine, suffered a radial haematoma as a complication of angiogram, then had an MRI scan and was told I have myocarditis probably caused by a virus and sent home with ibuprofen. Have no follow up appointments and slightly worried as I still don't feel much better.

Can anyone else relate to this?



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skid112Heart Star

Hi Sally welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your issues.

The BHF have some booklets on your condition here, here and here

Have you been given medication? Have you seen a GP since you were discharged from hospital to discuss this? Have you been totally discharged from hospital or do you have to make a follow up appointment? Has there been any mention of post rehab visits?

Sallyg30 in reply to skid112


Thanks for your reply, I will read the booklets that you recommended. In answer to your questions, no medication other than ibuprofen, not seen my GP and have been totally discharged from hospital.

skid112Heart Star in reply to Sallyg30

You should make yourself an appointment at your GP as soon as possible. I would also contact the hospital and ask if there is to be a follow up as well

Sallyg30 in reply to skid112

Will do

Many thanks


Hi Sally - sorry to hear you've been through so much recently. I agree with the other comments that you should be followed up by your GP, especially if you find that ibuprofen alone isn't helping to control your symptoms.

On a separate note, your cholesterol reading is very high and if you're not already on medications then your GP should consider starting some. Anyone who has a total cholesterol of 7.5mmol/l or more should also be reviewed to see if they have a genetic condition that leads to high cholesterol. If your GP isn't familiar with the guidance they can find it here:

I hope this helps,


Sallyg30 in reply to Hidden

Many thanks for the advice.

Hi Sally I also have myocarditis mine was in March this year same as you chest pain was put straight on blood thinners and other medication arterys r fine mri showed either myocarditis or embolism as scaring for each is very simaler had another scan done in July still waiting for results to go to doctor

From everything I’m reading on here this morning, my diagnosis yesterday after falling ill on Monday this week is incredibly lucky - no heart muscle damage (at least not yet). It sounds like a major bullet dodged. I had a weird flu feeling on Monday and Monday night severe chest pain. GP sent me to hospital Tuesday morning after ECG and after heart damage was checked I was sent home and referred to the rapid access chest pain clinic where they diagnosed me yesterday. I’m assuming I’ll get over the virus in time but I’ve no real idea after that how long to wait before returning to sport. I presume with no damage and inflammation gone I can return steadily and build back up from there.

Lolalacey in reply to The_Bear

Just take it easy and do what your body tells you x

Hi Sally. I’ve just been diagnosed with Myocarditis. I’ve also had angiogram with a stent fitted.

I’m unable to climb stairs or shower without becoming out of breath.

How are you getting on?

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