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Is there anything I can do to avoid the SVT in my family?

Hello there, I've posted a few times here already about how I'm going through an experience with my heart that's quite challenging for me. When out walking to work I've experienced my heart rate going as high as 170. I haven't felt any difference in my heart or any other symptons, but my fitbit has told me what my heart rate is.

After sharing this with my mother, she shared with me that my aunt has SVT and my younger brother is getting his heart looked at two.

All tests have come back clear for me. I said that to my aunt however she said that she had tests in her 30's too and it was not diagnosed until in her fifties when she actually had a heart rate of about 220 and some other symptoms too.

My question is; Is there anything I can do to avoid getting a full out SVT attack like my aunt did?

I have anxiety disorder so my mind is running away with this and it's become quite hard for me to just forget about it all.

I'm also going through a horribly rough patch in life full of stress so overall this is just making me feel as if I have no control over anything in life and I'm feeling a bit useless and lost.

Any thoughts on what I can do to prevent SVT?

I have already started dieting (I'm about 6 stone overweight) and lost 11lbs. My aunt has reccomended I excercise as much as possible too.

Any advice welcome, thank you.

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Hello there - sorry to hear about all of your problems with SVT. Unless you have any triggers such as caffeine, alcohol or food intolerances, etc., then there isn't really anything aside from living a healthy lifestyle that you can do. Support for your anxiety issues is also very important, and many people report they have fewer symptoms when they're feeling less anxious.

Take care, Chris

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Thanks Chris. I didn't think there was anything else I could do really!!! Thanks for your feedback!

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No problem :)


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