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Day 7 post op mitral valve repair

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Now that I'm home I'm trying to get into a better sleep routine. However, I wake after 2-3 hour blocks in the night. Not sure why as I'm sure I haven't got an infection but I wake up each time really sweaty. Could this be one of my tablets? I'm taking bisoprolol 1.25mg amongst others. I'm off to the surgery later to get inr checked so will ask then but wondering if anyone else has had this?

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skid112Heart Star

Hi Shopgirl, no experience of waking sweaty, mind you mine was done in the middle of winter but I do sweat profusely now at any form of exertion, I hadn't attributed it to any meds but would be interested in finding out if it is. Just a general note on sleep, i found it difficult once home to get a good sleep pattern going till about 3 or 4 months in and just used to rest and nap during the day as well, i think a lot on here suffered with the sleep initially but it does settle down

laura_dropstitchHeart Star
in reply to skid112

I sweat a lot now too. I know it is a potential side effect of at least one of my meds but I do feel like maybe it also has something to do with my heart? Getting close to wearing a sweat band at work, and that involves sitting at a computer! I'm always hot and find most places stuffy. I'm usually out in short sleeves while others are wearing hats and scarves πŸ˜‚

Oh you poor thing it is really hard in the beginning, you're never quite sure what to exspect.

Still, you can get it checked out today, Just to put your mind at rest. I think you'll find it may just mean a little look at meds. Hope you do get it sorted today 😊

Myself, well up until a couple of weeks ago i was having sleep issues and hot flushes day & night alot of the time.

I think it was a mixture of post menopause & meds.

I have a couple of other medical issues so those meds as well, may interfere with other meds.

My sleep seems to be improving last couple of weeks. If anything, I seem to have gone the other way. I still wake often throughout the night. But most of the time I fall back to sleep quite quickly. I am finding it hard to wake and get up now. When I get up I yawn constantly, eyes watering, no energy.

I have a breathing test later today, as this is getting quite difficult.

Never mind ha, will all work out in the end. πŸ˜•

If you are still in hospital it will be the plastic bed making you sweat. I moaned about constantly sweating and the nurse said it was the bed. The minute I was home and not on s plastic mattered the sweating reduced significantly. It took a couple of days to stop but the reduction was obvious might 1 at home.

Glad to hear you are home. It takes ages to get back to sleeping normally. I often felt tired in the afternoon and would have a short snooze - not too long say an hour maximum - or that created problems at night. My advice is don't count your recovery in days but weeks - it was three months before I began to feel normal. You will make progress - set your self goals and record your progress in notes or a diary. Looking back you'll see how well you are recovering.


Thanks everyone, as always with replies there's some real nuggets of advice. I got checked out for an infection but Dr thought that me waking up sweaty was due to the stress my body had been through during the last week. X

in reply to Shopgirl

So all good then, well done. Keep up the hood work 😊

Hi there,

Aww so glad you are home.

How you feeling?

I had them in hospital and first week at home,am sure its meds.just check your temp perhaps if you are worried but mine was not a temp.

Yes the sleeping does come in waves of few hours here and there..mine is the noisy tick tick tick of the valve now 😒

Sending best wishes

Jenny x

It has taken nearly 2 years after my mitral valve replacement to get back to normal sleep. I was waking every 2 hours at first, needing a pee. My pattern of peeing seemed to be at the root of it. I was rarely going through the day but every 2 hours at night. Very convenient if out and about for the day, but less so for getting a good night's sleep!

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