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Post Mechanical mitral valve replacement Day 8


Hello all,

Well i made it and am meant to go home tomorrow.

Its been a rollercoaster ride but more so for my family as i was in CICU and kept asleep for 30 hours.3 days in HDU.amazing staff we have

Thank you all who sent messages

Jenny x

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Hi Jenny, good to hear from you, hope you get home tomorrow and can start on the road to recovery. Take things very slowly and if you are anything like I was after surgery be prepared to be tearful.

Best wishes


Well done Jenny! You made it and you are hopefully at home by the time you read this. I've got mine on Monday - Yikes!!

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Julia x

Hope you get home soon. Take it easy, I overdid things at first so take care. Xx

skid112Heart Star

Good news Jenny, you take it easy next few days, keep us updated take care


Great to here you are on the mend, take care thinking about you and I hope your recovery goes well x

Great to hear you are OK, all the best with your recovery x

Well done girl 😆

Glad it all went ok for you 😊 Now make the most of the recovery time. Keep flexible while not over doing it, just little short walks, but often throughout the day.

Apart from that, relax alot. Hugs Jo :))))

Hi Jenny. Glad to see you're okay and will be home soon. Take care.

Hi Jenny,

Delighted to hear from you. That's great that you're for home. Take it easy, and enjoy being pampered for a while! 💜


Make sure you're spoilt once you're back! Congrats on a successful surgery :D

Hi Jenny, great to hear everything went okay and that you'll soon be home. Just take things easy at first and don't overdo it - there's a there n line between pushing yourself and overdoing it! From personal experience don't be a martyr where painkillers are concerned, especially in the early days, they enable you to get moving - and sleep!

Well done, you have certainly lived up to your user name Dazzler! continue to shine and take it easy x

Oh good. I have just found all these posts. How lovely to hear that you are on the mend. As this is now eight months later, I hope you are almost back to your old self again. With best wishes to everyone else as well, mine is up-and-coming, I am trying to keep my eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, and not the path between.

Hello I have to have my mitral valve replace what was it like after are you in much pain. Really scared.

hey dazzler,im hoping u still visit site? i have just come across your post ,im due to have a metal valve replacement in 4 weeks time .im just wondering how you are doing?

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