Angina / ischaemic heart disease

Hi, would just like to introduce myself as I am new to this site, I have lbbb , ventricular ectopic beats plus vasospastic angina since 2011 when I had 3 stents fitted to 2 arteries ,took a while to get over it but returned back to work n swimming but the job got too much n had to find a less strenuous job , but in 2014 ended up back in hospital for 4 days with unstable angina , had my roller coaster ride the same as in 2011, n recently I had a really bad angina attack that took it out of me for a week , but leading up to it I had quite a lot of stress going on and palpitations were coming fast n strong, so now waiting for cardiology appointment so a bit anxious as to what else they might find .

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  • Hi Jack, I am quite new to this site too, sorry I can't give any advice at all but I hope you are on the mend soon and that your cardiology appt goes well. I have been recently diagnosed with vasospatic angina and am finding things pretty overwhelming, I have noticed though that the more stressed I get the more symptoms I seem to get and hard to know if they are related or not. Hope you get your appt soon.

  • Thanks Angela for your reply,I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and that you are feeling overwhelmed , I too believe that stress makes my symptoms harder to deal with. If you don't mind me asking did you have to have an angiogram to get your vaso diagnosed as I didn't have any symptoms until an angio was done (unless I dismissed them) . I hope you feel a bit more relaxed soon and a lot less stressed.

  • Hi Jack, yes I got an angiogram that showed a spasm, had been getting breathless very easily and racing/pounding heart after usual every day stuff, with some pain in back and chest got sent for a treadmill test and was immediately admitted. Can I ask if it is alright what symptoms you do get to do with this, I find I get random sharp shooting pains especially in the left side under the breast bone and in middle between the breast area, not sure if this is related or not. Hope you are having a good day.

  • Thanks for your response Angela , to be honest because I have angina I am not sure which it is , but I get breathless quite easy then a tightening across my chest , if I can't get to rest more or less straight away it turns to pain in the centre of my breast bone then rises to my throat and chin and that's when I take my spray , but I remember saying to my sister one day I don't feel too good and having palpitations but not quite same , my Dr said it most possibly was my vaso , but yes I do get sharp shocks in my chest also . Yes thankyou I am ok today taking it easy for few days as got a big family bbq on Sat so getting prepared haha. Hope you having a good day n weekend too .

  • Hi Jack, thanks for reply, hope you enjoy the bbq on Sat, had a bad night, got really sharp stabbing pain, in middle again between breast area, was late on at night, was getting smaller pains for a wee bit after, took spray, then had another sharp pain which went round to my back aswell a few hours later, took spray again and then managed to fall asleep. So pretty tired today, think I might have an wee nap soon.

  • Hi Angela so sorry to hear you not too good , but good to know spray is working , hope you feel better after a little nap and you have a better night tonight, if this persists I would recommend you see your Dr if only for reassurance good luck and hope you feel better soon .

  • Samme thing, sharp spitfully shooting pains? Not really sure. I think sometimes it's indergestion or reflux? That's the probs, ehen I had my heart attack, I thought it was really server indigestion?

    So difficult to tell the difference?

  • My advice, no harm in getting it checked:)

  • Hi Jack, I'm sorry to hear your troubles. Just hoping that it's all reasonable news when you get your appointment. You recognise the stress which is always good, wish I had that trait

    If you want to gripe, have a rant or just tell us what's going on im usually around and it's good to share

  • Thanks for reply Skid112 you might be sorry about letting me gripe and rant... only joking ,but it's always good to know that people understand what your going through , even when you don't look ill , so thanks again .

  • No worries and no thanks are needed look forward to hearing more

  • Hello Jack, thanks for joining the VHF community. Sharing stories, having a place to have a rant where others know what it can be like to have an invisible disability, not that I can hide my state.

    I know several folk with heart problems who often get the evil eye because they dared to use a disabled bay. Even though they have a badge and every right to use it. It is just one of the extra stresses that are not needed. A great place to swap ache and pains too.

    Kind regards, Rib

  • Thanks for your response Rib made me smile this morning ( not sure if it was supposed to ) but just because it's true .

  • Hi Jack sounds like you have been managing the angina but experiencing the problems anxiety which really create hell for everyone. This is a good forum for sharing your experience and concerns.

    Finding something else means that you get the opportunity to resolve or manage the issue more effectively. Not doing so creates more anxiety. I hope the appointment comes through soon.

  • Hi what is vasospastic angina? I was symptom free until i had 5 stents 6 years ago and shortly after returning home i got angina which my doc prescibed the nitrate spray. After some months and refusing to go anywhere near the specialists as i imagine they would give me more stents or more terrifyingly bypass!! I took loads of herbs and the angina went for 5 years. However last xmas i got a virus and in feb the angina was bck and still is. I dont get pain in my arms back only a sense that ive got to stop rest spray. I get tired and after angina which is strong if im emotional i pass wind and can be slightly belchy too. Some days i cant walk far just a few min my legs feel heavy and ache along with my buttocks and back so i sit and rest. Other days i can walk much further along the river with my dog and i feel lighter. I also hve rhumatoid arthritis but prior to these stents i could dance and walk up cery steep hills without chest pain. Is vasospastic the same as regular angina? Thanku nathen

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