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My husband had a heart attack Decenber 2015 and waited for a triple bypass untill January 13th. 2016 The operation went well but he came home with a chest infection and was back in hospital with a suspected stoke after 4 days. The outcome he was home again after three days with gout in his ankle!

A diificult time, especially as I did all the driving, with a reluctant passenger! But that is all good now. But I am concerned that he is not walking enough as he has a problem with his hip, which hurts when walking It was replaced 15 years ago, an Xray has not shown a problem. So where do we go from here ?

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Hello there - seems like were a few bumps in the road but really happy to hear things are better now! You're right that keeping active is important, so it might be useful for your husband to check in with his GP or specialist to see what could be done for his hip pain.

Sometimes it can be helpful if someone takes painkillers a short time before they head off for a walk to help control their pain and allow them to walk a little further. This can help to increase confidence too as well as increasing their number of steps - some people even enjoy tracking these with a pedometer or similar device to see how they're doing and set sensible targets.

I hope this helps.

Take care, Chris


Thank you for your help


Perhaps try to get a better quality look at hip joint via an MRI scan rather than just using a simple x-ray. Arthritis ?


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