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Onycholyosis and psoriatic arthritis

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I went to my GP yesterday and she had never seen anything in her life like my nails. I suggested I had psoriatic arthritis as I stumbled upon similar photos as I searched google...yes I know....google and all that.

Anyway I had onycholyosis last summer on 4 nails which grew out then about 3 weeks ago it appeared really badly, half way down each nail and both thumbs and big toes.

I have been taking Perfectil for nails, a vitamin supplement and also painting them with a tea tree oil for nails solution both of which my GP said to carry on with.

Unfortunately my full bloods did not included my vitamins. It did come back with an RA value of 20 but my GP said I didn't have RA even though my little fingers often hurt. I also had nail clipping taken for a fungal disease but this isn't back as yet.

I was not offered any solutions to this or options of topical treatment. I just said I was trying to keep them clipped short and dry.

Desperate for ideas to try to resolve this if anyone has any ideas for me I feel embarrassed and ashamed of my hands.

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Hello Gillybean, I have Ra and the result seems to be permanent hemoglobin being low, 11.3 instead of the 12 that's minimum. My nails have been splitting as soon as they are passed the nail bed. I started taking iron supplements 2 weeks ago and nails seem to be stronger now. Make sure you're getting folate and Vitamin C with your iron since it helps absorption in the body. Good luck. Check your hemoglobin results on blood work.

Thank you, I will do this, thanks for your reply x

I checked my full blood count and my gb levels are fine, not sure what to do now!

I also had this condition. My go referred me to a dermatologist who said it is psoriasis of my nails. The dermatologist examined my nails under magnifying glass and was able to see signs of pitting, not visible to the naked eye. This is indicative of psoriasis of nails. I too feel embarrassed by my finger nails. But they are not as horrible as my toenails, so I just try to be grateful for small mercies!!

My toe nails are really gross. My dermatologist didn't offer any treatment (I assume there isn't any) just said 'at least you can cover them up with nail varnish' which I do. My nail clipping tests took ages to come back but showed nothing as it's psioriosis.

If you have Ps that effects toe nails and finger nails, the nails grows and produces long groves the full length of the nail. I sometimes file the actual nail itself although that can sometimes be a problem as well Ps will also cause problems on the bed of the finger nail Ps builds up and raised up the nail off the bed. Sometimes the nail gets infected and eventually raises up and the edge of the nail will crack and come off.


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