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Psoriatic Arthritis no treatment.

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Hi I'm Judi and I have psoriatic Arthritis. The tablets they keep trying me on are no good for me I felt so I'll. I felt suicidal so I stopped them after 8 days. I just don't no what there going to give me when I go back to clinic. I am going for injection in between my knuckle in a couple of weeks to see if I can get any relieve from them. I also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and suffer from facteive . I was assaulted 3 weeks ago by 2 people that I thought were my friends I also run the community centre where it happened. So I'm in a right mess with my life at the moment in pain and lack of sleep and anxiety and pain and suffering from PTSD. Anyone got any ideas to help me thanks x

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Yes they do try a number of cheap drugs which do work for a few people and then they move you on to the better stuff. Really worked for me. Just keep on at them and don't put up with something that's not working. Don't be afraid to ask for an earlier appointment if you really need one. Go through your consultant's secretary - they can be your best friend in this

So I go to the doctor because I have psoriatic arthritis with psoriasis... My doctor said, "Wow! Did you have a face lift?" No kidding the doctor could see the difference in my skin. I was using the Made from Earth Rooibos Tea Day Moisturizer. I am so thankful for finding this moisturizer for my psoriasis. The moisturizer has cleared up the dry, red, irritated skin around my eyebrows, cheeks and chin that I have struggled with for decades.

It is a new product. The jar lasts about 2-3 months of daily use.

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What is it.i t called?

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Hello judi,

I’ve just seen your post. You have a lot on your plate right now!

Would you mind if I ask you some questions? What tablets and injections? I don’t know what is ‘facteive’...?

I also have osteoarthritis and possibly fibromyalgia. Anxiety and lack of sleep are the pits! They will worsen everything, really. PSTD is tough, though. Are you getting appropriate counselling?

I’ve read your other post and saw your swollen ankle. Ouch! I love the ring, but do you think it’s wise?

Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are both excellent for anxiety and PSTD. Many options out there for osteoarthritis, but it depends on what you’re taking (have taken) so far and where exactly do you have it. There are some good exercises to relieve tension and pain. Fibromyalgia is tricky. You could join Fibromyalgia Action UK community on HealthUnlocked.

Hope it helps! Keep posting!

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Hi, Judi143, I am so sorry to hear what you have been through, I too have The P Arthritis plus osteoarthritis, I am currently on Tramadol, and no that does not work either, I have taken Naproxen, which caused me to bleed, Volterol which messed up my Kidneys, I am now not allowed any NSAIDs because it clearly has an effect on my body which is not good at all, I will be challenging my Dermatologist on Friday, and my Rheumatologist in August, Theone things I have noticed was, little by little every day my life is slowing no I mean I am slowing, It takes me longer to do things, I need more help from my husband, I cannot remember the last time I went shopping on my own, I am not in a good place either, I think all of us need to challenge the mechanics of our Disease and get them working on a better way we can manage.

Hi Judi, I'm on Humira and it is a blessing for both the inflammation and the psoriasis. It took a number of years but it really truely allows me to live an active life.

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