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Do you think going public with dieting increases my chances of success?

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I have started a channel on YouTube which documents my weight loss journey. I thought it would keep me motivated but it’s 00:30am and I’m waiting for pizza delivery.....

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Honestly I did the same on my Youtube channel and it has not helped me be consistent lol

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Lol:-) send me a link I will watch. I am now reviewing Adele’s Diet.

I really hope that 1 day I will finally be able to see 65kg on the scale...

This honestly depends on your motivation behind wanting to lose the weight. It's good to have a sense of accountability, but you need to really understand why you want to do this in the first place. You need to look ahead 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. What do you want your future self to feel like/look like? I suggest writing this down and looking at it every day before going to bed and upon waking up. By visualizing this, it can make it easier for you to make the necessary choices throughout your daily life to get you to where you want to go. For example, when you are about to eat another treat (1 is totally fine!) you should stop for moment and ask yourself, will eating it lead you to your end goal or create another detour? Our lives are just full of seemingly small choices that collectively will either get you to where you want to be or it won't. Choice is always up to you.

Thank you so much for a great reply. I love the idea of visualising myself. That’s a great tip. I will be doing it from now on.

I will keep you posted:-)

For now I’m trying Adele’s diet. Let’s see...

Glad to help! Yes, please keep me updated. You got this! 😊