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Over 2 years almost

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I made you your favourite sandwiches that day. Because lockdown had began I did the shopping.

The chain was on the door. It's only when we got our new doors I then knew how to lock from the inside. You didn't know how and I didn't.

But you shared a secret. Your best friend and myself knew how to break in.

I did it clutching all my shopping. A man saw me.

I joked that I was a top of the range burglar.

You had passed from a heart attack. Best way to go.

I called 999. Had to wait outside incase it was a crime scene. Unlikely cos you never let people in. Just myself and David.

But you shouldn't have pushed your housing officer twice telling him to leave. LoL I was a peacekeeper but that day I wasn't. The police officer pointed and my sweet demeanour changed. I told the police officer "take your finger out of his face. Haven't you any respect for your elders. Calling the police to a 75year old man".

He replied "you think because he's 75 he can't do anything wrong. You're RIDICULOUS!!!"

I said "I love you too".

But the 1st April 2020 was when I found you. Strangely I am glad because there was no smell of death and I was able to identify you.

I lost my job in the charity shop because of lockdown and the police woman said working in a charity shop is great. People donate very good stuff and you can take things ".

I stared ahead and said one word "NO". My doctor said that was an awful thing to say. Truth is I adored my boss and never took things. The shop is closed down now.

I tried to keep in touch with Charlie's son but he is angry because his dad called me Angel and his number 1.

David died 15months later of cancer. Double whammy.

I didn't know for a year that I wasn't well (fluid on the lungs).

I knew Charlie was getting ill as he was a lot older but David dying who was 2years younger than me was too much to take.

No job, no Charlie, no David, health issues. A big hole in my life and I can't tell anyone.

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hi sorry to hear your story it`s strange how days like that we remember just about every passing minute it`s etched in our minds forever.sadly my dad passed on the 1st April 2018 so it`s an unfortunate thing we have in common.god bless and take care.

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You've been through and still going through a horrible time Chase888 I'm so sorry that you are ill too, please remember we are here to support you no matter what you're going through


I will always remember the 18 April 2021 when I found out my dad had died.

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