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I feel really concerned

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For those of us that have lost loved ones during this year.

Future birthdays and anniversaries especially, when they think about their loss, they will probably think about Covid-19 too and the anguish they felt not being able to visit their loved ones in hospital or hospices and not attending funerals or having the funeral they had wished for, and that saddens me <3

Many people will be suffering more sorrow than they should be. Will they receive more support I wonder, I'd like to think so but I doubt it, what do you think?


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Hi chloe40

I would like to think that the people who lost someone to Covid-19 would receive extra support it's bad enough to lose a loved one but to think they died without their family around them is awful.

My worry is that some will find less support due to the fact so many people died you know you will get those cruel types of people lacking in empathy who will say "well you aren't the only one lots of people went through the same".

My other worry is that people may find it even harder to get some counselling from groups like Cruise who had large waiting lists even before Covid-19 struck.

My hope is that those who lost loved ones will be able to get support and support each other on sites like this one. My heart goes out to all of them.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Claire2000

Hi Clarissa2000

I totally agree with you, I could have written that myself Claire <3

It's heart breaking just the thought of patients being alone at that time, let alone the consequences for loved ones. Services must be flooded with requests for support and like you, I hope they find their way to sites that can offer some comfort, ours for one.

Yes, sadly there are people who lack empathy but perhaps after this enormous tragedy, even they will think twice before making cruel remarks that benefit no-one.


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Claire2000 in reply to chloe40

I hope your right Chloe and I hope people can find sites ike this one with empathetic people who do not judge or berate people but give them a chance just to talk openly.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Claire2000

Thank you for your kind words Claire x


I think that Covid has made accessing the support even harder, Chloe. Just the ability to have family members close makes so much difference but sadly the most vulnerable still have to shield and losing a loved one is much harder during this time.

My thoughts go out to everyone who is going through grief and feeling isolated.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Nathalie99

That's so true Nathalie99

I really hope that those that are in need of support find it very soon x


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