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Checking in with everyone

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How has your week been?

I do hope you are managing at this time do let us know and remember, we're always pleased to hear from you.

Chloe <3

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Hi there Chloe

I am now fully equipped with tea and toast so here we go.

I have been wondering whether I can trust what i say when I talk in a very emotional state. Some months ago I did a course called "Communicate to Integrate" at a local centre. Designed to help the unemployed remain apart of their community. I could not understand why I was nominated for it because I always thought I was adequately communal. But one morning I heard myself crying out "I feel so lonely". Instead of jumping to the conclusion that that was true, I decided to question the rightness of what I said. What do you think Chloe?

Until last week I had been reading my latest grief book quite studiously. But last week I have been easily sidetracked by minor chores. I recall a quote something about if it's not a passion then it's just a hobby. So maybe I'm not that interested in the subject of my grief when the chips are down?

This week is very important to me because I have to spend 3 days preparing for a hospital appointment. If all goes well then I can tick one problem off the list. After that, I wonder how I'll feel about myself and the world?

In the last 3 months, I have gone from monthly crem visits to weekly. Now I'm back to monthly.

Last year my Christmas fun was restricted to me and Ted having Christmas dinner together. Admittedly it was juts make-believe fun. bit Ted was a special favourite of my mums. She always used to look at him with very loving eyes. So as of this month, i have saved something up to splash out on enjoying myself this year. I hope we all have time to have one meal together !!!!!!!

Plenty of time to go but as the new year slowly approaches, I'm thinking about learning how to plan for the future.

How are things with you, Chloe? Are you still training for the Olympics <smiley face>?

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Greyone

Hi Greyone

Very interesting post as ever<3

You said it, and it's my belief that these are your inner feelings and I really wouldn't spend precious time questioning yourself, it will only undermine your confidence and your ability to communicate without constantly stopping and asking yourself 'Is this really what I mean'.

Again, from a personal perspective, I'd feel happier if you relaxed the reins regarding your grief books and incorporate a book about something you really enjoy, don't let it overwhelm you G1.

I can understand that the looming appointment is of concern, and I am sending {{{strength}}} to get you through, always here for you, you know that <3

I remember last Christmas very well and I'm glad you have decided to treat yourself this year, great idea, start make lists :) We will definitely all have our annual cyber Christmas meal, my soon be time to look at recipes.

Have you thought about going to a concert or panto, a way to get you out over the festive season too!

Again, this is only my personal opinion G1

Love Eileen

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Greyone in reply to chloe40

Hi Chloe

In the absence of contextually framed guidance, personal needs and self-care are best served with an introspective view. Putting your 'case' to yourself is much easier than leaning towards 'too much information' in social media.

This afternoon whilst sorting through some papers, I managed to find my worry list. I'm finding this very helpful in dealing with issues with the support of those around me who have been down this road.

My Saturday appointment will be the fifth time in the past 20 years. After that many, it's not really that bad. Especially since I'm allowed to watch the live-action on a monitor ( in colour).

On the subject of Christmas, we need to remember what it says on the tin. Though I'll be spending New Year's eve with Jools Holland.

Thanks enough from me for now.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Greyone

Agree Greyone <3

All the best for your appointment, you can always contact me!


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Greyone in reply to chloe40

All is very well indeed - just await biopsy results if any. (note to self - hope the others are ok.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Greyone

Really pleased to read that Greyone kept you in my thoughts {{{hugs}}}


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