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Just had the most amazing reminder that my dads still here in spirit.

Myself and my sis went to see if my paperweight was ready, oh my goodness it is BEAUTIFUL, its blues and all these gorgeous bubbles that are made by dads ashes reacting to the glass, it truly is stunning. So i left Andrew to engrave the bottom and had a look at the other things in the shop when my sister ran out crying 😢 I get her into the car, poor thing was sobbing her heart out, i asked if she wanted one, she wailed "I dont know" so i left her to have a cry, told her we can ask mum to keep the little box with dads ashes in it incase she decides she wants one.

I go inside, pick up my paperweight, he had engraved best dad ever xxx on the bottom of it, was beautiful. Andrew then was getting the box and everything ready for it and chatting away to me, i said K was upset etc, he then said does she want one, and i swear to you, when i said "she doesnt know" my paperweight sparked and split into two clean halves!!!! Poor andrew went pure white, i just said "f*ck!" It stunned the two of us, so hes saying immediately that he will make me another one, but hes going to sand down the edges of the two halves, both still stand too!

Think its fair to say my dad decided for our Karen eh? My dad loved a bargain, trust me he'd be pretty chuffed, three ornaments, one for each of his children, for the price of one ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤

I dont really believe in signs from loved ones, feathers etc, until today, my handsome perfect hero Dad was most definately there xxxx

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that sounds like a nice little touch to be honest ive never heard of things like that being done before.but it sounds really like a great way to remember your loving dad.god bless.


Its strange that not many folk have heard of it, i think i saw it on a website when looking at scattering dads ashes, which we are no longer doing now, thats another topic though x

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What a palava with the paperweight breaking in half, your Dad was working behind the scenes for that bargain. Nice to have some really bespoke ones. No one else with have paperweights like that.

My paperweight looks lovely and occasionally it gets warm when I pick it up, think my husband works his magic on the paperweight.

Great memories to have.

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I think that is an absolutely wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us Loulouella.

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WOW Loulouella what a powerful and comforting message. Your paperweight sounds absolutely beautiful too and extra special.

Thank you for sharing this with us,

Lottie x


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