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my dad passed away today hes now in heaven pain free.

well my dad had a bad night last night hospital phoned me this morning to say we had to go up asap.me my sister my niece went up followed by my aunt an uncle and cousin.my sister was up at the hospital everyday since December 11th sometimes twice a day she and my niece went to the toilet and he passed away with me and my aunt by his side.my sister is blaming herself for missing his last moment after spending so much time with him.my other brother and niece and nephew came up but it was too late he had gone.we are all heartbroken but hes now in heaven with my mum and his pain is over.

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Sorry that he has passed. You are right he will be at peace and god has welcomed him with open arms...

Stay strong the next days, weeks, and years will be tough. Be kind to each other, you’re going to need each other, lean as you must. Hugs, Cindy


Hi Kenster. Sorry for your loss and glad to hear that some of your family were by his side. I hope those that were not , have been consoled and do come to terms with this. It is unfortunate but being close with others shortly after is just as good I think.

I missed my mums passing because I nipped out for some lunch, fresh air and to stretch my legs. But I was consoled by what she meant to me. So take heart and be at peace with each other. I hope you are all close together to share your grief and consolation and support each other.

Best of luck for the future.


Oh Kenny kenster1

That's so sad for you all {{{hugs}}} it's still an awful shock for you all and I really feel for you. You've been such a support to your dear Dad throughout his illness, and he did go through such pain, bless him. Your sister is feeling so awful too and your brother, niece and nephew, thinking of them and you Kenny.

Take care of yourself,


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hi thanks folk.i just feel numb today cant stop shaking either.i woke up this morning and went to the graveyard sort of preparing myself.i just feel lost.

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Bless you. I am so sorry and I am thinking of you. I walked round in a daze for months after my partner passed. Pm anytime.


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