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Taking care of yourself through grief- Sleeping well. We all know the effects of too little sleep, but how do you ensure good sleep hygiene?

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It's a very hard day today chloe40 it's 21 years since my son died its as hard today as it was all them years ago. Xx

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Ah bless you {{{hugs}}} I can only imagine what you're going through, it must be so very hard to close your eyes, let alone your mind.I'm thinking of you and sending much love and support <3

I hope that you find a little peace here with us

kenster1 knows exactly what you're going through <3


I have a pretty rigid routine. Early to bed (I'm usually up very early) phone goes on airplane mode. My tablet I put on a repeat of a Family Guy episode but cover the screen. I just listen as I know them all pretty much by heart and my brain always thinks that it must be late as FG used to be on pretty late. I'm usually soundly off within 10 mins. If I can't get off to sleep I'll restart the same episode and it usually does the trick

The key for me is giving my mind enough distraction that it doesn't start throwing out things for me to think about.