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Bizarre symptoms!

So I woke up this morning,went to brush my teeth and saw that I had skin peeling off my tongue...half of my tongue looked almost as if there was an extra layer of skin on it, n it hurt a little when it came off (and when i took the rest off). It wasn't majorly painful. Ive also found recently that I get white circular patches on my arms when I tan. (I am very olive skinned, and even a few minutes of sun tans me a bit). I have noticed these before when I have been on holiday and that but never thought to much of it, although ive noticed that it is always in the same patches on tops of my arms...does anyone know what these things might be?

Cheers guys xx

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Hi nicz

Does sound a little odd but nothing surprises me with this condition.

This link might give you a clue

Do they look like these pictures?

Other than that I do burn easily [which I didn't before] my skin is very sensitive to sunlight and some of the medications we have make us photosensitive.

Sorry couldn't help more....but you need to see a Doctor if it doesn't seem to be clearing.

Good luck




The tongue peeling sounds awfully familiar to something I experience on an almost daily basis. I often will a thin or thick gooey layer of mucous (or whatever it is!) that builds-up on my tongue and on the sides of my gums. I can gently scrape it off with my toothbrush, but when I do that it does irritate the area. Once I clean it all off (or wait for it to all clump up and then I rinse it out), the underlying area is usually very raw, red, and burns. This can actually happen several times in one day. I have always thought it's kind of weird, but just figure its something to do with the Behcet's. My guess as to what it is-- it's probably a collection of dead immune cells in the mouth.

I also get a similar thing in my eyes-- I will get a clump of whitish goop that collects around my eyelid and in the corner of my eyes. It usually comes when my eyes are feeling very irritated and bruised. My eye doctor has told me it's basically thick mucous with dead cells and stuff from my immune system attacking the tissues around my eyes, and because I suffer from terribly dry eyes (told that I have "chronic autoimmune dryness"), it will just sit there and not be washed away with my tears.

I'm not too sure about the white patches on your arms though. I am unable to go in the sun because otherwise I get a bad flare up of nausea, chills, joint swelling and pain, increased fatigue, and my skin gets all swollen with a red, blistery type rash and burns in pain. There are so many different variations of rashes and lesions that Behcet's causes-- it would be interesting to have a medical textbook on Behcet's that displays photos of the many strange rashes that we all suffer from time to time. I know that I've had so many different skin rashes, lesions, blisters, and ulcers over the last 7-8 years, that I could easily fill-up 3/4 of the textbook.



I have a sort of skin intolerance to the cold. I will get red patches if I'm out in very cold weather. I also get random rashes occasionally. I have a theory about it, nothing scientific or researched, just based on myself and other people I've known who have autoimmune illnesses (not just Behcets). I think we just generally have strange, unexplained symptoms that can't be figured out. I've had my fair share over the years. So hang in there.


I had a wierd scaly rough tongue when I became anaemic, but it was really sore too.

I do get white, round scaly patches on legs and occasionally arms that seem to be centred around hair follicles, so assumed that hair had dropped out.

I have had that auto-immune diseases can cause strange pigment things with skin as it is linked to melatonin.


The tongue thing is something i get when my mouth is sore and like the other lady when it peels off there skin is red and sore underneath. It was really bad like that when i was neutropenic!


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