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"Symptom: Purpura and ecchymoses (bruises)."

"Symptom: Purpura and ecchymoses (bruises)."

Hi all,

Someone was inquiring about bruise-like spots appearing on the skin. As a symptom of Behcet's they are called Purpura (smaller ones) and Ecchymoses (larger ones). The pin-head sized spots are called Petechiae. It is bleeding under the skin. This is a photo of some of the larger ones I get.

(Info on this obtained from "Behcets Organization Worldwide".

Beverly :-)

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Hi Beverley Hun

Thanks for showing this photo. I didn't associate my bruises to the previous photo on your earlier blogs but I do recognise this type !

I have had these over quite a few years that appeared randomly on my legs from time to time and I kept trying to think where I must have hit myself but never could. I just assumed I was a clumsy oaf and as a bit of an oompah loopah to boot figured it was my bulky mass that had been mistreated by me in some way. It never occured to me it was actually a BD symptom. :O

How stupid is that.

Thankfully I don't get them as often as you seem to hun.

take care, ttfn big hugs xx


Ha! I know what you mean! I have had them show up off and on for a few years, and like you I couldn't for the life of me remember banging against anything to cause bruises! But in the past 6 months or so they have appeared more often and I have several of them at one time, both the small and large ones. They can show up on any part of my body. My Rheumy saw them a couple of weeks ago and thought they might be due to my meds. But I went back to him today and told him they went away, just like any flare, and I was still on my meds. So, he said they were most likely Purpura and Ecchymoses. Well, duh! I knew they weren't from the meds! He really didn't explain what those terms were, so I did some research on my own to find out. Those of us with BD get to know our bodies very well, and develop a sixth sense about all this weird stuff that happens to us. Sigh! I think we know more about our disease than some of the doctors - well, my doctors anyway.

I sure hope yours don't progress to more and larger ones. But they aren't too painful, just makes me a little uneasy to think about bleeding under the skin!

((HUGS)) Beverly :-)


I get the purpura on my upper arms. Not a lot at once, but I knew it wasn't anything I did to myself.

I also get petechiae all over. Sometimes just a few dots all over, sometimes my whole ankle or chest will be covered in them.


Yeah, you pretty much know if you've done something to bruise yourself, huh? I get petechiae on some areas of my body, but mostly all over my face! The first time it happened I was frightened because I had no idea what it was!


Yes, for several years I got a few "bruises" in odd places. But when they cropped up all over my body - even on my chest - I was pretty certain they were caused from BD - or something else weird! :-)



I get exactly the same bruising all the time and sometimes spontaneous, sometimes I only have to knock myself against something. Before my diagnosis I even had a Dr ask if I was in a safe relationship with my partner because he thought I was being battered!

Guess we all empathise with each other and this helps.





It does help, doesn't it? SInce I live alone I thought maybe I was beating myself up in my sleep. Or maybe my kitten was a ninja in disguise?? Haha!! ((?))


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