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Peripheral vision and balance loss

Over the weekend I noticed I had peripheral vison loss and my balance which is not great had went haywire. Visited optician today who said after testing my vison had decreased again which has been going on in past year. I also have severe peripheral vison loss. I stay in scotland and need urgent refferal to neurologist. Any ideas what I could do as I feel like I am drowning here and no one is noticing. Rheumatologist is on holiday.

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Hi jazzy21

I am going through the same thing with my vision....also with no answers.

Did the optician write a letter for you to give to your G.P?

If not can you go back and ask them for one as this will help you to get assistance from your G.P.

If you haven't already got a neurologist, I suppose you will have to see your G.P to reffer you to one urgently. Perhaps also ask the G.P for some blood tests to see if you have high inflammation in the blood that might be contributing.

Other than that the UK have Eye Hospitals [such as the Western Eye Hospital in London] where you can just walk in off the street without a referral. Have they got anything like this in Scotland ?

I visited the one in London once and they were very good and had access to a neuro-opthamologist and they did an MRI and field tests straight away. They also faxed my eye consultants and neurologists to arrange urgent follow up appointments for me. I also had prenisolone eye drops given as a precausion.

It is really frightening when your vision is going and it is hard to keep going and pushing doctors....But it is really important to try and get someone to listen.

It took me a while but I am being listened to now.....fingers crossed.

Good luck Jazzy - keep going and I will be routing for you :)



Thank you Andrea, I did get GP letter and handed it in immdiately. Just home and got call from Drs to say he is referring me for urgent appointment. I asked who with and receptionist said she didnt know. So have to wait and call tomorrow. I feel I may have had a ministroke on sunday as it was after this visual fields went. I also feel I need immediate steroids but now have to wait to see who I am being reffered too. Unbeleivable. Isnt it a real stress all off this. Thank you for your kind words. I dont feel I am alone in this now.


Oh that's good jazzy

Hopefully you can find out who the referral is for and even get a copy of it if you can.

That way you can chase it up if you need to. The main thing is that your G.P has taken it seriously and acted quickly.

My eye department also thought I'd had a stroke sometime ago, but the MRI didn't show that I had.

Did you have other symptoms of a stroke ?



Yes this time headache, painful eyes and balance problems. And off course peripheral vision loss.


Hello Jazzy21;

I wish speedy recovery to friends Behçet's disease patients from Turkey. Controls to ignore. Engagement flowers, keep your spirits high, sunny days

not so distant to us.

Healthy days;


Just updating you about my peripheral vision loss and vision loss. I am in the Southern General in Glasgow.the neurology place to b in. Admitted as an emergency. Will keep you informed of how I get on. Yazzy


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