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Cold/Flu season and Behçet’s


Hi everyone,

I woke up this morning with swollen lymph nodes and tonsils on the right side.. super painful but other than that I feel okay, I have a doctors appointment soon!

I’m on here to ask if anyone has found anything to protect themselves even better during these cold and flu seasons, it seems like as soon as winter starts coming I start feeling way worse and catch everything in sight!! Is this normal for having Behçet’s? I’m still new to all of this and learning!

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I experience severe allergies. I've been using Vimergy micro C and it works well.

I always feel worse as soon as the colder weather appears. I start to get body aches and pains much more often and fell generally low. Try to get more sleep than usual (9 hours if possible), eat loads of greens and drink tons of water. That can help a lot.

I suffered terribly every Winter until Behcets was diagnosed and o was put on colchicine. Also check your vitamin D levels as this makes a big difference.

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