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Heart & tachycardia


Hi, just checking to see if anyone has any experience with tachycardia. I got a Fitbit around 2 years ago & found I had quite a high heart rate, 100+ at rest, confirmed by ECG & labelled as sinus tachycardia. More recently I felt a bit odd & caught the heart rate at 180. I’m on a beta blocker anyway to help with migraine & was advised by the GP to double this. Has anyone experienced tachycardia and the other two types other than sinus? I’ve always had a heart rate slow to return to normal but have read this is possible with Behcets. If you’ve had this too, what investigations & treatments/meds were recommended? Thanks.

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Hi , I have had issues with my heart ever since I was young. I have what is known as IST (Innapropriate Sinus Tachycardia,) SVT and high blood pressure.

I am on Coralan (ivabradine) 5mg morning and night this has slowed my heart rate from 190 to 46 - 50 resting. At night it goes as low s 32. I still spike everyday from doing simple things like brushing my teeth or doing my hair it will jump up to 160 or more then settle.

I have had several ablations for the SVT

I am also on Isoptin 180mg SR (verapamil ) for migraines and to control my high blood pressure.

I have Neuro, ocular, cardiac involved behcets which is also now affecting my lungs.

Hope this helps.

I have recently developed tachycardia, my bpm will randomly shoot up to 171 when i am doing nothing, my blood pressure is usually very low, so low the cuffs sometime struggle to detect it so I am interested to learn from all your experiences.

The only test I have had so far is an ECG. I dint know if it’s connected but I also have APS/Hughes syndrome also known as sticky blood.

Thanks for posting your question.

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Hi, thanks for your reply - interesting ref to APS, my mother has just been under St Thomas and Guys and has had one positive return for APS. Will wait to see if the 2nd comes back to - would explain a lot of family medical history. Thanks.

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Good luck to you and your mum.

I have this for years. I’ve had many tests in the past with no conclusion as to why I have it. My resting heart rate is anywhere from 105-125. I now take a beta blocker which seemed to lower it at first, but not sure it’s doing much now. The whole situation makes me nervous.

I experienced episodes of Tachycardia. At first only to HR 125 & regular & picked up first on a phone app then on 24 hr Holter monitor ECG.

Then it progressed to being episodes of Tachycardia with higher heart rate 165 & irregular, caught it on phone app. Needed to present for ECG during an episode to be able to define what was happening.

Next episode was around midnight one evening so got my other half to drive me to hospital ER. The episode was prolonged which enabled it to be caught on the ECG. Turned out I was in rapid Atrial Fibrillation & it seemed to be triggered by low potassium. Not extremely low but low side of reference range. Low enough for attending Dr to note it as low & give me a K drink. Also gave me a magnesium drip.

I experienced some painful bladder spasms & could not void, which they could not explain & were not much interested in. They just wanted my HR back in rhythm. Fortunately the potassium & IV magnesium brought my heart back into rhythm without needing to be shocked!

I got diagnosed with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation & referral to my Cardiologist. Was given pocket drug regime to treat any recurrence (Metoprolol & Flecainide). At 65 will need anticoagulation as well, as risk of throwing a clot & having a stroke increases after 65 for women.

Cardio recommended I supplement with Magnesium & Slow K.

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