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Covid 19


Hi everyone I hope everyone is well. I have just came out of hospital being treated as having coronavirus. Very high temperature cough and runny nose. Was in for 3 days with dehydration and pain meds as flare up as well. Fingers crossed I'm on the road to recovery but still need to stay at home for a while.

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Very sorry to hear that, Pete11. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery

debs1963 in reply to magician

Sending big hugs and a speedy recovery x

Thanks so so much for sharing your story, I think people on this site are desperate for info about how covid 19 might affect people with behcet’s/autoimmune diseases. Not only that, but to hear that you’ve recovered gives me real hope! Interesting there was a flare - not surprising but good to know. Thanks again for sharing and please do let us know how you’re doing in your recovery 💜

Thank you, pete11, for sharing. I hope you recover speedily and I’m so pleased you’re getting over it as you are.

Hi Pete

Really pleased to read you are recovering from corvid 19.

Might I ask a question about how the doctors managed any medication you were taking prior to you being taken ill, only I have read several times that immune suppressants would be withdrawn and wondered if you were taking a particular immune suppressants or other medication and if these were stopped and if you have still remained off any medication you had been taking previously?

Take care and look after yourself.

Best wishes


pete11 in reply to gillianTS

Hi thank you for your wishes. Yes the Dr's have told me to stay off my biological injection Cimzia and methotrexate injections until I feel well enough to start them again unfortunately I still have to take prednisolone 20mg daily double while I'm unwell. I was given IV steriods heavy dose when I was in hospital.

Hi Pete I am pleased to hear that you are recovering from covid 19. These are really worrying times and I think this your post will give others hope as you are recovering. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.


Look after yourself glad u are recovering x

So glad that you are recovering well. All the best. Xx

Hi Pete - so sorry you have had this but also reassuring you are ok! I admit to being terrified because of Behcets. Keep well and keep posting. xxx

Gosh good to hear you recover from that !!! Well done 👍

Thanks for the lovely messages I really appreciate it. I am getting better now still got the cough but no high temperature now. My temperature was 38.5 for 2 days which IV paracetamol brought it down until they wore off. My symptoms was high temperature cough stomach aches and sickness. Dehydrated and could not keep no food down.

I pray u keep being well. My son (27) who has behcets just went and got a test but will not get the results for at least 5 days. Ugh.

Glad you got through this and are on the mend

oh sorry to hear that. hope your better soon. big hugs x

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