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Has anyone heard of having a rapid onset of very high fever?

104- 105.6? I was talking out of my head. Severe chills and rushed to the hospital. By the time I arrived there, my temp was dropping. I was given an IV, if memory serves me right.

I came home and rested for the next 12 hours.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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fever and chills r more common in bachet but always depends upon sevearity Nd individual immune response..good luck

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Stubby_10_toes in reply to MKR29

Thank you. I so badly need to know others who have this and can give me advice or whatever.

Yes temperatures come with inflammation. I had spiking temps with my last flare. Hope u feel better soon. Paracetamol should bring down the temperature.

Yes my son gets this. It doesn't last long and we usual deal with it at home. But the after affects can last a few days.

I had much the same experience once. I think I got to 105 degrees at which point I decided to go to hospital. By the time I was seen it had dropped to 102 and they said "well it's not 105 now.... go home and rest and take paracetemol" (they seemed like I was wasting their time). I think it got back to normalish within 36 hours or so. I dont remember having any other symptoms really apart from being very woozy (which comes with such a high temp I suppose).

This was before my diagnosis.

But now I recognise (just speaking for myself) that "flash fevers" are one of my Behcets symptoms. I've had at least half a dozen of them. There's never any snot or signs of cold/flu, and they usually go away in 36 to 48 hours. (I usually take ibuprofen and Lemsip in alternation though during and hide in bed).

One worry I suppose is that this pattern might one day mask something more serious which also comes with a high temp and need attention. So I guess going to the hospital IS the right thing to do if it doesnt decline within a day. But I'm no doctor.

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babya73 in reply to TCSM

Your right we are not doctors but we are all going through same, or similar symptoms. We are here to say what we have, go through, &,give our advice to try to help. Most of the time. I dnt know about everyone else but. I'm always having to educate doctors on our condition behcets! We are also here for eachother when we need to vent, & we dnt take anything personal. So you have good advice!!! =)

My son has been getting these for as long as I can remember and he's now 11. They routinely spike around 104. Never bothered with doctor or hospital for them, calpol rest and the TV test - if he can focus on and take interest in the TV then I'm happy to deal with it at home. Decided that if the calpol brings the temperature down, albeit to around 100 then all's well, but if ever it doesn't, then I'll be straight in the car to the hospital (why do they always happen at night!). So far that has worked for us, and a doctor has said that it seemed a sensible approach. Sometimes a fever can be around for several days but not necessarily always at 104 thank goodness. Hope that helps. Not been a great start to the new term, 9 days of school and he's missed 6!

Yes it happens to me quite often. I just go to bed with a couple of paracetamol and wait for it to pass. I'm a bit tired and achy for a few days then fine. It feels like real flu but isn't.


Yes it does,iv been in hospital for 2 bad fever's been the same out my head with infection from genital ulcers and fever very high,i still have have fever but i think meds helping to control and I don't have them as bad these days.sorry you are going through this,hope it gets under control.best wishes.

Strangely enough, I don't as yet have genital ulcers. (Thank goodness)...

But I have just about every kind of sore in my mouth one can imagine.

It's torture. It makes me feel lousy most of the time. I go into short periods of time where my mouth isn't so bad. I.e., 7-10 days . Then here it comes again. It's not just oral issues. It affects my whole body.

I am not taking anything but ibuprofen every 12 hours.

By the way, thanks for responding. 🤗

I used to spike fevers like crazy and was very prone to dehydration. The only thing that seemed to work was two bags of saline and whatever mess they gave in the hospital to reduce the fever.

Doesn't happen anymore now that I have BD managed ish.

Yes. I get fevers burning up ,& freezing cold chills. I had been in hosp. For this at same time really bad huge ulcer that after a month started going away but looked like a cig burn on lip of vaginal area inner part. =/

Oh ouch! The last time I had one of those fevers was a couple years ago. I don't recall if I was broke out or not. But those are the strangest fevers I've ever experienced.

Yes. I know. I get them alot. =/ when I get fevers, chills, sweating I also get outbreaks. Never fails. My faith keeps. My head up.

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