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Hello people, this is my first post. I have lupus and would appreciated an advice given for vagina uclers,migraines, and yeast infections.

I was diagnosed with lupus May 2013, knowing the information that I know now, I have had lupus for at least 10-15 years.

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Hi there,

If you type "oral genital ulcers" in the search box on the green toolbar near the top of the page, you will get lots of suggestions. There are simple things like drinking flat coke soothes oral ulceration, and you will find lots of different medications that really do help, and you need to ask your GP to prescribe to help you cope and get better.

If you enter migraines you will find a wealth of tips, advice and your GP than prescribe things to help you cope with them.

If you type LUPUS in the search box you will see that the topic of similarities between Lupus and behcet have been discussed a lot too, and may be of interest to you.

I wish you well and hope you feel better soon. Jill x


Clobetasol Propionate. Great for established ulcers and awesome to use at noticing the very start of them to halt them!


I don't know much about Lupus (I have BD) but I suffered from yeast infections for years. It was awful as I had continued cycles of bladder infections as well. Every time I had a bladder infection I was given antibiotics which then gave me thrush. The thrush then gave me another bladder infection and so it continued. In the end my Mum took me to a nutritionist. She put me on a very strict diet for 3 months which basically starved the yeast. I felt awful the first few weeks and was quite ill but then I suddenly started to feel revitalised like my body had a really good clean out! I also lost a fair bit of weight so that was a real bonus too - I didn't have to go hungry, I just had to stick to the right types of food. It was amazing and the best thing I ever did. It broke the awful cycle and I would do it again every time! Hope you manage to sort yourself out and that you feel better soon xx


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