Hello all, welcome to the Beauty Despite Cancer community. I know that this community is needed as I get lots of calls and questions about skincare and beauty during treatment for cancer.

You are kind enough to tell me of your experiences and I know that a lot of your experiences are shared. I wanted you to be able to tell each other, help and support one another.

I'm here too and will be glad to answer questions, queries and point you to useful research.

I am looking forward to meeting you all here. x

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  • I found look good feel better for cancer patients, with beauty makeover classes. I wish I was made a aware of this or told and since then I always mention to others have you tried it etc and most say no and I pass the details on. I think awareness is key if you do this so more people get the opportunity to use while having cancer treatment.

    My cancer blog: copingwiththebigc.blogspot....