“Five Elimination and Double Consolidations Based on Types” therapy

Use different ingredients as adjuvant therapy according to different patients’ various conditions. For patients who have deficiency of spleen and stomach, regulate main and collateral channels and nourish stomach; for patients who have deficiency of the kidney, strengthen Qi and control nocturnal emission; for patients who have effulgent heart fire, clear dryness and fire; for patients whose body contain many toxins, detoxification and inflammation. Avoid using the same prescription for every patient. Remove the root causes of skin diseases in the body. The therapies for treating skin diseases developed by Wang Xianchen have been widely applied in clinic and completely cured several ten thousands patients at home and abroad.

Xiaoxianling Plaster: This product is composed of more than 20 kinds of the rare Chinese herbal medicine. It is successfully developed by professor Wang Xianchen based on recipes handed down from his ancestors and 30 years of clinical practice. Expel wind, clear heat, eliminate dampness, nourish the blood. Clear blood poison according to disease sources and thoroughly cure psoriasis. The drug will directly act on skin and then the affected area can restore to normal skin. No damage to the skin, safe, without toxicity. Compared with similar products, characteristics of the product is good skin absorption, quick return and easy to use, etc., and can resolve the current problems and eliminate the root causes. The drug has got the national patent.