Famous Doctor Strategy, Reliable Superb Medical Skills

Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialist In Skin Disease sticks to the famous doctor strategy and Pro. Wang Xianchen is the leader of China’s TCM skin disease specialty, enjoying a very high reputation in the TCM skin disease academic circle. He has visited Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Canada a number of times to attend academic seminars. He has become an internationally well-known dermatology expert due to his excellent medical skills. 

Honey-suckle Dandelion Tea: It is composed of more than 20 kinds of the rare Chinese herbal medicine and can improve gastrointestinal functions and clear away toxins. Drink it with hot water in spring, autumn and winter, one bag at a time and drink it cold in summer (which means making tea with warm water, with appropriate amount of ice cubes added to remove summer heat, with an excellent effect). Clear away summer heat. The effect is impressive. Long-time drinking can keep you healthy. The tea is free from toxin and side effects, so it is safe to drink.