Do You Know How iGrow Hair Growth System Works?

Do You Know How iGrow Hair Growth System Works?

Hair loss is a common problem not only of the aging population but also of early adults. It can start off as simple thinning of the hair which can get out of control if not given attention immediately. iGrow Hair Growth System is an innovative device for hair loss that promises optimum results within just a couple of months.

What is iGrow Hair Growth System?

iGrow Hair Growth System is a hands-free hair growth device that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike other products that come in a brush-like device, iGrow is in a form of a headgear similar to a helmet with a headphone. It uses Low-Level Laser Therapy to stimulate hair growth especially in areas where thinning is quite visible. This device is suitable for men suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia. However, this device can also be used by men and women suffering from hair loss.

Manufacturer of iGrow Hair Growth System

iGrow Hair Growth System is conceptualized and manufactured by Apira Science, Inc.

Science behind iGrow Hair Growth System

The exact science behind the use of LLLT in hair growth is not fully understood. They concluded that the low frequency of laser coming from the device enhances hair growth by stimulating the follicles underneath the scalp. iGrow uses pulsating light to imitate the natural respiration of the cells which results in better results when it comes to hair growth compared to the use of continuous energy waves that is used by other devices. It also strengthens the hair follicles thereby protecting the hair from easy breakage.

Claims of iGrow Hair Growth System

The manufacturer of this device claims that iGrow achieves better results compared to other devices because it uses pulsating light rather than the continuous form. It does not produce harmful side effects and does not cause burning, redness, or irritation of the skin. Hair growth is also visible within 16-24 weeks of regularly using the product.

What does it do to prevent hair loss?

iGrow Hair Growth System does not literally prevent hair loss. It is not actually a treatment for hair loss. What it actually does is to stimulate the follicles in order to improve hair growth which is why the device has to be used continuously even if results are already visible. Continued use ensures a more optimum result. After the initial treatment of 4-6 weeks, you should continuously use iGrow for at least once or twice a week to maintain your hair volume.

iGrow Hair Growth System Special Features

o It uses both high-quality laser and LED light source which makes hair growth more efficient as opposed to only using only laser or LED.

o It stimulates hair growth within 16-24 weeks.

o It strengthens hair follicles preventing easy breakage.

o It is a hands-free device which makes treatment more convenient for the user.

o Its design ensures precise and equal distribution of the laser therapy.

o It provides more scalp coverage and distributes more light energy.

o It has a safe feature wherein the device can just be turned on when placed firmly on your head.

o The patent headphone design of the product makes the treatment painless and comfortable. It even allows you to listen to your iPod or MP3 player while you are doing your treatment

Benefits of using iGrow Hair Growth System

o It is approved by the FDA.

o It is easy and convenient to use.

o It does not emit radiation.

o Its effectiveness is proven by research and clinical trials.

o There is no need to couple iGrow with pharmaceutical hair growth solutions.

o You can expect to see results within 16-24 weeks of using the device.

o It does not cause burning, redness, or irritation of the scalp.

Drawbacks of using iGrow Hair Growth System

o The device is expensive.

o iGrow will not work for people suffering from severe hair loss (e.g. baldness)

Who can Use iGrow Hair Growth System?

iGrow can be used by both men and women. To be more specific, this device is suitable for the following:

o Men suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia

o Men suffering from transitional hair loss

o Men who have genetic predisposition to hair loss

o Women who suffer from female pattern hair loss

o Women who want their hair to grow longer and stronger

o Women who want to maintain the volume and quality of their hair

Customers' Feedback

Here are some of the feedbacks from consumers who have tried iGrow Hair Growth System

o "Within a few months, there was new hair growth and some very positive feedback from those around me who could tell a difference!" - Brett from Orange County, CA

o "I have been using the iGrow for more or less 7 months, and I have seen substantial hair growth all over my head. I am so excited, and I have been telling my close friends about the success I have had with the iGrow" - Julian from Arizona

Final Review

iGrow Hair Growth System is a revolutionary product that is suited for people who have been looking for an effective regimen for hair loss. With the headphone patent design of iGrow, you're ensured that the laser is precisely distributed throughout your scalp. iGrow Hair Growth System also makes the hair loss treatment convenient, fun, and absolutely painless. This product definitely deserves two thumbs up for its quality and effectiveness.


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