Beauty Despite Cancer

Cured Cases of Skin Diseases - Flat Warts

There were some warts appearing on Xiao Wang’s face 5 years ago. At that time, she thought that the warts are whelks and did not take them too seriously because she was at adolescence. Afterwards, the warts became more. She was a little concerned about this disease and went to a local hospital to check. She was diagnosed as flat warts. She started a little alarmed and came to Harbin Xianchen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease recommended by one of her friends. After detecting the cause, the hospital developed a set of scientific treatment plan for her. Her flat warts would basically disappear if she was treated for another one month. Because Xiao Wang’s infection-age is very long, she needed a period of consolidation therapy. Then, Xiao Wang’s warts had been fully recovered. Now, Xiao Wang can confidently face the people around.

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