Beauty Despite Cancer

Successful Case

At the outset, two white protuberant pimples appeared on my face. I did not take it too seriously. Later, the number of pimples increased. Time past day by day. Because the pimples had no sign of disappearing, I went to hospital to check. The doctor definitely told me that the pimples are flat warts. I started to frequently look for QQ groups and forums about flat warts to join in and I would discuss rehabilitation experience with them. Last month, I saw that the good feedback from many patients who were cured by Harbin Xianchen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease. They recommended a suitable solution for my illness. Now, my flat warts are slowly scabby, which are not recognized by people. I am ready to continuously treat for a period of time in order to fundamentally eliminate the root causes and maintain good skin. When my skin is as good as before, I will post my pictures in the forum for friends who suffered from flat warts as a reference.

Skin Nourishing Tea can improve local blood circulation of the human body, eliminate excessive accumulation of pigment in the tissues, promote skin cell metabolism, delay skin aging, remove facial pigmentation scars, nourish and whiten the skin.