Colonoscopy & Endoscopy tomorrow - terrified

Hi all

My first post on here. Hello to all. Just drank that first litre of the horrid prep drink.

I had to battle through constant gagging and it coming back up but I’ve persevered. Glad I started early though as it’s took three hours.

Just really terrified about tomorrow. Firstly the endoscopy. I have bad breathing probs and very claustrophobic so hate anything near my throat or mouth. No idea how that’s going to go. Then the colonoscopy! Well I’m just absolutely dreading the whole thing.

I just hope the sedation is proper sedation. Otherwise I may kick the doctor!

Can’t believe I’ve got another jug of prep to do at 7am on the most empty tummy.

God help me!!!! Xx

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  • Good won't feel a thing, the worst part is the prep❤️

  • Thank you

    Hope you’re right!!!! Xx

  • This jug of what tastes like Salt on an extremely empty tummy at 6 in the morning is like torture. Last night was bad enough this is just hell! X

  • hi i having mine on monday i have to take the laxative sunday night and monday morning early my appointmen 130 in afternoon what can you eat they not told me anything anne

  • Let me know how you did...Mine was such a nice sleep especially after a miserable night!

  • I have such bad IBS plus just coming off of a case of c-diff...I only did a little more than half of what the prep called for and I was completely wiped out, literally! I think this one size fits all prep is ridiculous, it should go by body weight. I think the same prep for me as for a 300 pound person, is all wrong!