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How to get Budesonide 9 mg tablets in Spain?

Hi All! New issue, lol! I've got Crohn's. I'm home in the US for the summer, but returning soon to Spain to teach. My US doctor took me off prednisone, and put me on Budesonide (9mg tablets, not the inhaler). I contacted a friend there (in Spain) who spoke to her pharmacist, and she says they don't sell it in Spain. I cannot switch back to prednisone due to long-term side effects. Any suggestions?

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Update for those who might be interested-you Can get this medication in Spain! The pharmacist told me I'd have to take 3 mg tablets three times a day instead of the 9 mg time release type. But my doctor here just told me that the 9 mg is also available if I need it.

The cost is around €100/month-which the Spanish pharmacist was very apologetic for (apparently, if you can get it on the public insurance it would cost just a few euros-but I have private insurance that doesn't cover prescriptions).

However, back home in the US, I just found out my insurance next year won't cover it at all-so it would cost over $1600 a month retail. So, it's a relative bargain!