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? Endometriosis ? Adeymyosis and ? Constipation

I have lived with pelvis pain since my teen years and I'm now 43! I saw the gynocologist her views my pelvic MRI scan from 7 months ago and he said I looked constipated. He is referring me for some tests to check my bowels! I have a bowel movement everyday but it comes out as lots of soft looking pieces ! This has been the norm for me for many months ! My bladder is currently being looked at as I have pain and spasm when I have a wee and my flow is weak!im now really concerned I have a bowel blockage and my Anna died of a twisted bowel at the age of 80! I have gone into panic mode and not sure what to do! I am supposed to be going skiing during half term with my family!! Should I go and discuss my concerns with my doctor?

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Of course go and discuss your fears for trip with your GP. It's always good to do that . Think your GP can allay your fears about Bowel blockage as your Bowel is still moving .. even sending out soft poo! Could be all sorts of reasons for that and the pain . GO and SEE GP! I bet he/ she will say go skiing too !