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Burst Appendix at69

Hi I would just like to tell you about my recent op for a Ruptured because of an history of Ulceritive Colitis and mild PSC I have to have a colenoscopy a every year this was done on october 28th 2016 very easy no problem and nothing was seen and was given all clear

21 days later I was in very severe pain in right side of my tummy and rushed to A E at 9am I was given morphine for the pain CT Scan was done to diagnose problem thinking the colenoscopy may have ruptured my Bowl this was ruled out and by then my Appendix had Ruptured I was operated on and a drain fitted and I was given strong Antibiotics for 7 days

I was very sore and my recovery has taken about 9 weeks the Antibiotics upset my Stomach and gave me Gastritis Dr gave me Omoprezole anRanitidine but theygave me Stomach and Chest Pain

I was told by a friend to try Pine Nut Oil I have now been taking it fo 2 weeks and it has worked very well no pain and my Appitite is back to normal

At my age Burst Appendix is rare and it takes a long time to recover

The surgeon assured me the Colenoscopy did not course it

It was just one of those thing that happen

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Hi, that was a pretty nasty thing for you to deal with!! I'm glad to see your getting better now. I've had UC in the past and have Crohn's disease now. I know antibiotics upset your stomach if you have IBD I have an infection at the moment but they don't want to give me antibiotics at minute. I've had this infection over 3 weeks!! The joys eh.


Hi. I've only joined today. In a weird way it does help to know that other people have similar troubles. Interesting about pine nut oil. Is that capsules to swallow? My daughter has Ulcerative Colitis. Horrible disease. She has been on so many drugs and steroids. Everything seems to work for a while..then stops. She has had great success with Aloe Vera in the past..Slippery Elm as a drink..but again nothing works permanently. Stress is really toxic for her. Alcohol too. I have diverticula disease and other probs. I might try pine nut oil if I can find it. Thanks for sharing. You have had a horrible time.


Ref your reply i use AMP plus when I have a ic flare it works well for me along withPine nutOil

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