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Please read, I'm at a loss advice wanted

Hello! I'm 22 years old and for two years now I have been suffering. Unlike common ibs sufferers I have researched on I don't get episodes or bouts, I get my symptoms everyday all day. Regardless! And it is now getting worse with more symptoms!

My symptoms:

Severely bloated/dissented uncomfortable stomach everyday regardless of food but is worse with food, I have a whole album full of photos

Dull pain in my abdomen lower left side everyday, with episodes of strong dull pain and the worst pain yet episodes of sharp stabbing pain to the point I can't stand sit or lay when this pain occurs it is on my ribs and back also.

I go through motions of being very very constipated and times where it is almost diarrhoea like but still whole just has to be emptied as soon as possible, which when I start to know I need to pass a bm gives my great stomach cramps and makes me feel sick and nausea. I also feel incomplete and like I need to go still.

I also have noticed two joint small lumps on anus, which give me no pain or itching. And I have had a hemeroid before and this is nothing alike, but not saying it isn't one. When I am constipated it bulges out more and covers anus, like a barrier.

I am constantly tired and have no energy I get dizzy everyday, and get that light headed feeling when standing up everyday. And short of breath eg climbing stairs! I was a very fit person with a psychical job, horse ride and running but not find it to tiring.

My new symptoms are

bloods clots when passing stool, although 100% from the front and not bottom this has happend on three occasions. I also pass a lot of bile/ mucus and mucus coloured clots when passing stool and also noticed swelling of my front genital when passing stool. Not one drop of blood all clot type

I haven't had a period for three months! Going on four.... Previously have very regularly periods. Doctor last week said "I'm confident you will come on within next four weeks if not come back to me" it's been three months what's another four weeks? Ps I'm not pregnant lol

After I had my daughter and lost baby weight back to normal, 10st few months down the line I lost 2 stone for no reason 8st . Eating normal same routine. And the following year in March when changed job and put a few pounds back on 9st and now last few months I am proceeding to loose weight again and bmi dropping, 8st 3lbs.

Eating hurts no matter what I eat, i have tried gluten, dairy and wheat free, fodmap diet, you name it I've tried it. No lie within minutes of eating I feel full and my stomach has swelled as if I was pregnant again!

There is so much to remember I have probably forgotten something!

Okay so I have been to the doctors countless times in two years.

Have my bloods tested for thyroid, anemia, gluten intolerance, and something else which has slipped my mind.

I have been given all the tablets related with ibs to try with no avail

I have been on laxido.

After a year and a half of going back and forward to the doctors been told it was ibs and just deal with it !! I finally got referred to a gastronolist at hospital.

Which I thought great answers! But not just as awful as the doctors! Didn't even examine me. Just talked. Said yes ibs and tried to go talk me into the stress and depression route. No fill stop. I no there is a lot of controversy with ibs but no no no my symptoms are everyday all day not caused by stress!

Had an ecg taken, and I am now going back on the 11th November for a colon X-ray i have to take tablet on 6th of November which contains balls and will show up on X-ray.

He also told me he will see me in a year.... Not what I wanted to hear after waiting so long to see him, he gave me an endless list of laxatives to try.

I'm at a loss this is affecting my life, and my job I need answers! Please any advice!

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Oh wow, I am so sorry you are having so many issues! You are so young to be having to deal with so many painful life altering problems. Have you seen a Urogynecologist? I suffered decades with IBS-D which basically shuts your life down from normal everyday events and almost impossible to work unless you had the type of job I did where you could run to the bathroom anytime you needed to and not be fired. Then IBS-C - where you could go almost 7 days without a movement - then every kind of combination imaginable. Used medications, fiber, antidepressants, etc. Now in my old age of 66 yrs. the Pelvic Wall Dysfunction has affected my life with nerves and muscles not working correctly and had surgeries for Rectal Prolapse with Rectopexy and also rectocele repair and now the bladder/bowel problems. So I understand you pain - really. But keep reaching out to other physicians and taken in a written list of concerns - hopefully someone will step up and start the long process of what might help you. The Diet is a big part and being consistent - which requires a diary to really keep track of what affects you the most. I'm glad you are having your colon checked - there are bacterial infections that can be treated that is picked up from contaminated waters if you have had well water or traveled to another country. Please keep us informed how you are doing, but don't let anyone stop you from continuing you search for help - it is out there just continue to be your own advocate! By the way, one antidepressant years ago did help me for a long while it helped control the IBS-D and the pain. But they pulled it off the market and I had to start all over again looking for help in other ways. So don't rule out those possibilities in the future is all you tests come back what they call "normal".


I to have had same problems I have suffered everyday for the last six years the pain if I eat or if I do not eat the swelling in my belly the smelling everything related to diverticulitis I'm 44 years old an find it hard to live normal daily life all I do is sleep have no energy