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Diarrhea & Bloody stools

Hello everyone,

Two months ago, I suffered from sudden watery diarrhea. A few days later I found blood in the toilet. This continued every time I used the toilet. Then I discovered that some Hemorrhoids appeared in my rectum. The urge to use the toilet never ended. The diarrhea and the bloody stools continued for a month till I suffered from severe pain in my lower abdomen. This continued with suffering in the toilet and the hemorrhoids got bigger and bigger. This story continued for about two months. I eventually suffered from great weight loss.

I went to see a doctor, he asked for stool examination and other blood tests. The results turned out to be anemia, and Helicobacter pylori, entamoeba histolytica trophozite and heavy infection.

The doctor prescribed two week course treatment and I felt great improvement before I finished the course. The diarrhea and the blood stopped and I was fine for 20 days.

I fell sick again soon after, the diarrhea started again and the blood started two days after. I went to the doctor again and he gave me medicine for amoeba and asked for stool examination again which showed pus cells and little blood. The doctor said if I didn't improve in two weeks, I would do colonoscopy.

Now before the two weeks end, I feel better again, no blood in stools and stools are not as watery as before and sometimes I feel some cramps.

Does anyone know what is happening to me or has experienced something like that before?

If this is not the right place to post my question, could you tell me where then?

Thanks for everyone who read this,


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Hi. My husband and myself have fought of bowel cancer that was very low...husbands in the rectum and mine very close...diagnosed after significant bleeds by colonoscopy...I would really get the colonoscopy done as soon as possible...if no cancer great, you will have that worry of your mind and hopefully what is coursing your problem will be diagnosed by having the quick and easy colonoscopy. I wish you all the very best and you have a quick and easy recovery.