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Bloated tum after bowel surgery

I had a bowel resection in Nov last year and it went well. Have just had another colonoscopy to check handiwork and remove 2 polyps.. non cancerous- but since this have suffered with serious bloating . Have tried to reduce fibre but nothing seems to help . I was so lucky in being diagnosed thro the screening test and have had no chemo /radio . I feel so puffed up and the side where incision were made is definitely larger than the other.... has anyone else had this and have you any ideas that might help  ... feel like a Buddha!

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Hi skary, sorry to hear about this . I've had the same op .. Seems to affect s lot if people who have this op . However I am at my best when I follow almost a Paleo diet . I include sweet potato and brown rice and I only ever have sour dough bread made by me or by an artisan baker as the supermarket stuff isn't the same . You won't need s lot to fill you . Write everything down , you will start to see a pattern . I discovered by doing this I was allergic to dairy , when I checked this out on the internet I discovered this is very common with this op . It isn't a permanent  condition but it seems so prevalent I can't believe I wasn't told this . As soon as I took dairy out of my diet I started to feel better . I occasionally have a soya coffee but even that doesn't really suit me so I don't really bother at all with dairy substitutes . You soon get used to only having the weakest decaf tea or coffee . Really , it's true !!

I use almond milk now when I make bechamel sauce ,and the kids have never noticed the difference ! Hope that helps . Xx 


Very normal! Its awful!! The more you try to move around the little & often.x


Hey 6 yrs ago I had a bust appendix cancer had grown through and burst ,I was very lucky as this led to finding cancer in my colon so half my colon was removed and again lucky not to have chemo or radio. Most food bloats my tummy so I found for me eat little and often and drink at least 2litres of water a day on its own ,other drinks not incuded in amount. But the best thing along with this is exercise especially abbs and core strengthen ing it helps you stay flat when ypu eat and helps your food move through your body better , I hope this is of help I found it helped me :-)


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