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What is going on in me?

Hi all . Here we go, I have been having pains in my lower abdomen followed by blood in my stools. Have had numerous prostate tests, haemorrhoid tests etc also had a fecal calprotectin test which was normal. I have also had numerous CT scans and MRI's as well, which have showed Adrenal Adenomas, Kidney Stones and inflammation of my small bowel. Recently had a Colonoscopy and was told by Gastro that there was nothing wrong, he took 12 biopsies and removed 2 polyps. The results of which my GP said is normal no action needed. I was given Colesevelam, with no explanation. I still have all the same symptoms as before. I am wondering if anybody has had a similar experience and what should I be pushing the doctors for now.

Thanks for you time in reading this long winded essay.


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The only thing I could suggest is ask for a referral to hospital Specialising in this . I went to the Royal Free but that's because I had a diagnosis . You will need to look on the Internet to see the best hospital near you for bowel disease . It's our patients right to go to the hospital of our choice so just push a bit .? Hope this helps ?

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