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Anal tears/fissures

Hope everybody has had a lovely Christmas!

Sorry this post may be a tmi one but I'm honestly at a loss right now. I have "irritable bowel syndrome". The reason it is in quotation marks is because I believe it is something more serious, however this is what I keep on getting told.

Anyway, I have diarrhea pretty much every single day. Today my anus teared for the 8th time in the space of about 2/3 months. I know how to deal with them when they occur now (Vaseline, sensitive baby wipes and a gentle soap) but why do they keep occurring? And how can I stop them? I'm seriously getting tired of the pain/inconvenience. Usually there is only a spot of blood but there is a lot right now and I have just been gently dabbing it away. I think its slightly worse this time :( is there a long term solution for this?