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Bile Acid Malabsorption ( BAM )

Does anyone have bile acid/salt malabsorption? I have this and it's pretty bad at the moment. I also have coeliac disease, b12 deficiency, Graves' disease but no thyroid plus a few others. My life is ruled by the loo, food and meds. How do you all cope. I'm just about to start colesevalam as I can't take normal questran. Any heads up on side effects would be good.

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Sorry Mad moms , no experience with your symptoms , but don't give up ! You may need to come out and do a post on Facebook or something . Might it be an idea to see if you have a support group at your hospital ? I don't know where you live but we have a small group down in Dorset that people can just go once every so often and vent ? 


I was diagnosed only yesterday with BAM and have been told that I am to be given questran, but that many people cannot tolerate it. are you on any other medication as my Gastro Consultant told me they had to be 4 hours apart. Can you tell me why you changed to colesevalam? I am a coeliac, have b12 deficiency, lactose intollerace and vit D deficiency.