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CT scan results

Hi, My GP sent me for a colonoscopy as I had been suffering from chronic constipation for several months and colon cancer and breast cancer run in my family.

I had the colonoscopy 4 weeks ago. The procedure was aborted 5cms mid ascending colon, due to extreme bowel looping and intolerable pain. I then had a CT Virtual colonoscopy. A week later I received a letter with an appt to see the consultant 3 weeks later, I assume to discuss my results. Does this mean bad news ? I thought I would be told results by letter or phone call if good news. My appt is 2 weeks from now. I can't stop worrying, nor can I sleep.

How long did you wait for results and how were they delivered ?

Thanks in advance.

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It's easy to say but don't worry too much . I've been through all this and the best thing you can do is go away and get sun while you're waiting relax . I know it's easy to say this if you've a young family but this is the time you need to give yourself time . I didn't and got really tired due to worry and trying to carry on . Guess it's in our nature though eh? Best of luck .. Hope you have a good outcome . If it isn't ,the leaps and bounds in even just the past two years is amazing . Get informed ask the questions . You won't be able to ask those at the time so get them written down . You should be given a specialist nurse if it is more serious and really build up that relationship . You'll be able to ring her and ask her questions without feeling daft !! But overall the most important thing is become an expert in YOUR cancer if it turns out to be that . I've probably worried you more but seriously 9 out of  10 it turns out not to be nasty . Let me know ?