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condom split

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Me and my boyfriend were having sex and after he finished he was looking down at the condom, I asked what was wrong and he said nothing was wrong just making sure it didn’t split, he then saw something on me down there and started to worry and so that made me start to worry as well, he looked down again and noticed it definitely split but on the side at base. He had some cum on his hands and some went on the bed but we aren’t sure if any went in me, I’m starting to worry that I might get pregnant but thing is that we’ve done it before without one on and we haven’t had any problems when he cums on me near my butt. He said we shouldn’t worry about it much and if anything we will try and get a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side but need to wait 21 days after we did it.

4 Replies
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Wouldn’t a plan B be a good help in preventing pregnancy? I’m not sure what the hours are on it but definitely look into preventatives if there’s a chance

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sounds like he needs a bigger size condom in the future and also make sure they are within date. Did you consider the morning after pill.

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Take a plan b but don't panick at all. Things will be ok.Next time ,he needs to be more careful.

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Why not consider using long acting contraception if your pregnancy test is negative ?

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