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why do I bleed during sex while on the comined pill

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I’m on the comined when I’ve been sleeping with my boyfriend I’ve been bleeding during sex but I don’t why this is first time I’ve actually bleeded two times that I’ve slept with my boyfriend I’ve never bleed before

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There are many reasons why you might bleed and some are easy to rule out. Are you properly turned on so your body is ready for sex? Are you using enough good quality lube? Is your bf being too rough and causing minor injury? You might also want to rule our cervical erosion, or a number of infections. It would be a really good idea to do an STI screen, and chat to your sexual health clinic. In the meantime, remember that everyone needs time to get turned on and for our bodies to be receptive to sex, so go slow and focus on your pleasure.

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lube it’s fine but he is a little bit too rough but I have contacted my doctor about it they going to examine me and give me STI test done

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