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copper coil since 2018

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i put a copper coil after my second born, and have been having heaving menstruations every other month. The most strange is 3months without menstruation,but still have cramps and emotions monthly regardless.

however I am more concerned about my lower belly tenderness and lack of sex drive,that is almost zero.

these are causing a lot of issues in my marriage and I don't understand why the GP says everything look alright, when penetration hurts so much,and lower belly hurts to touch,.

Can you please advise?

do I have pelvic infection?

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vaginal ultrasound is first step

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A pelvic infection would not cause a lack of libido. I do not know what age you are , with irregular cycles and lack of libido presume gp has checked your hormonal profile and thyroid function ??

also low oestrogen levels can affect the vulva causing soreness and dryness

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The copper coil wouldn't cause lack of libido, other than the usual variations during the cycle (after ovulation libido decreases significantly).

Tenderness may be an effect and may go away in a few months, but worth having a proper check as someone mentioned in another posting. Sometimes sports cause tenderness too when you've got a coil, for example I've experienced discomfort after yoga, swimming and long distance walking or running.

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