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I'm not sure

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Something really embarrassing but my semen seems to be yellow / green however I have never had intercourse and again never taken alcohol or drugs. I'm not really sure and I'm very worried that it may be something really bad

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You should get checked at a doctor soon as possible it could be some kind of urine or bladder infection

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Are you sure it is semen and not discharge ? urine and bladder infections do not cause semen colour changes. I would suggest an STI screen.

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Alcohol and drugs don’t generally affect or cause these symptoms anyway. If you have not engaged in any sexual activity most likely that there is nothing to worry about. Masturbate regularly to freshen and replace stored ejaculate, it’s normal activity enjoy it.

Untill your ready to share yourself with a partner keep the flow going and enjoy self stimulation on your own, in private. If after this you are still worried or notice any redness/rash or pain/discomfort when peeing contact a health provider and they can check for a urinary tract infection (UTI) which would need a short course of antibiotics.

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